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Find Out How You Can Achieve Financial Independence & Retire Early So You Can Spend Time On What Matters Most.

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Not much attention is given to the plight of Teachers in Singapore...

Sure it's a job with an iron rice bowl, there are long holidays to enjoy and you pursue your passion educating future citizens of Singapore.

But we know the reality.

You wake up too early in the morning to prepare for a school day. You prepare your teaching materials as you head into class filled with students.

You teach with few breaks in between for hours on end. After class, there are meetings and a ton of admin work to complete. Events to plan. Parents to call. Students to chase.

You head home tired after a long day with papers to grade, chores to do, emails to answer, dinner to make. With barely enough time to spend with family, you go back to bed looking to do it all again tomorrow. 

The fact is that there is barely any time to do proper financial planning.

Our focus is to help professional educators grow their wealth so they can spend their time on things that matter most. 

We create customized strategies to meet your unique circumstances regardless of whether you're a first year teacher getting started, mid-career with family responsibilities or nearing retirement.

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We help you achieve capital growth through our high-grade investment research framework, backed by data and a succesful track record.

Save Time

You can focus on what matters most as we do the work for you


Pursue curated investment strategies aligned with your financial goals & vision

Keep Informed

We simplify, summarize and keep you informed of relevant market news

Track Record

Have access to a professional investment management team with over 30 combined years of experience


We journey with you through every critical stage of your life


Lack of time

You're busy with work and family, there is little time to look at and understand the market.


You can't tolerate the stress of having to monitor the market every day and seeing the prices of your assets fluctuate.

Too technical

The mystery behind financial terms and jargons are too complicated to fully understand.

Too many "Einsteins"

There are too many opinions on the market offline and online, telling you what to invest in or what you should do.

Not good at it

You've burned yourself on several occasions investing in things that you believed were best for you.

Steep learning curve

There's a mountain of things you realise you do not know when it comes to investment and finance.


Graduation Day

Young students / graduates in their 20s

Just graduated with a degree and have student loans to navigate? Or, maybe you’ve been teaching for a few years without a solid financial plan? Regardless of where you're at, we aim to determine the optimal course of action for you to transform your financial dreams into reality!


Working adults in their 30s

At this stage, perhaps you have more responsibilities. Marriage, a baby on the way, retired parents to take care of or/and you just got promoted to a new rank. During this pivotal period, your ability to handle risk is lower and your options are limited. We're here to optimise the best investment strategies based on your profile as you navigate financial challenges.

Blue Suit

Established professionals

Do you know how much you need to retire?How can you fully utilize your Connect Plan Payouts? As we near retirement, we have more savings than we may know what to do with. With a multitude of ways to invest your money, we're here to aid your exit from the workforce so you can live comfortably and sustainably.

Calculating Budget

Retired seniors

Now that you're living comfortably with enough to last you, you might be thinking about leaving behind assets for your loved ones or next of kin. Legacy investing and estate planning are options that we provide so that your loved ones are taken care of when you're gone.

Schedule an info session

We will share with you:

  • Our top-tier research framework and strategies

  • The benefits that you will enjoy through our service & processes.

  • Our track record and case studies.

Decision process

Take your time to come to a decision, and when you do, we will guide you through every step of the way to begin the journey with us.

Track your account growth

When all is set, you have easy access to monitor how your account is performing anytime, anywhere on your devices.


And you also will have direct and easy reach to us through our communication channels.



Sustainable Performance

We value quality performance over time with prudent risk management

Peace of Mind

The products we source are licensed and regulated by respective authorities

We partner with regulated, licensed and reputable institutions around the world to give you a peace of mind. 

Long - Term View

All good things take time and we plan well into the future with you

Dedicated Client Manager

Enjoy bespoke personal service from a manager dedicated to your success.

Close Partnership

We work closely and journey with you every step of the way

Best Seasonal Opportunities

We present the best opportunities in a given season and regime for the greatest value.




Assets Under Advice

Combined Years Of Experience



Seminars conducted 



Water Drops

Teh Wei Xin

I would highly recommend the Techiya Experience! I have learnt more about investments and about how best I can maximise every saving dollar. The meet-ups were also truly very engaging especially when it comes to learning from the professionals Calvin and Andy.

Modern Architecture

Josiah Lee

My experience has been nothing short of rewarding and purposeful. With a structured plan focusing on good balance and growth, I was exposed to numerous investment strategies and directions. It was an enjoyable process together with the rest of the network, who helped one another learn along the way.

Light and Shadow

Malcolm Tan

I have gained a whole of experience through the consultation and advisory. I love it that the options are aplenty and are flexible and I am able to plan my investments around the work and life stages, especially when I am about to complete school and begin my career.


Enjoy an immediate upside of up to 60% on your assets upfront!

We'll show you how with our newest partnership with a top tier institutional provider.


Understand your risk profile to determine the investment approach that suits you best!


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