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Best 10 lowkey 24-hour gyms in Singapore

You're trying to make fitness a priority, but hard and long hours at the office and life circumstances force you to go to the gym during peak hours and the best option for your busy lifestyle would be 24-hour gyms.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of 24-hour gyms in Singapore, so you won't have to stop working out. Are you having trouble picking which gym to join?

We'll tell you about the major advantages of these Singapore 24-hour gyms so you can get your workout in no matter how hectic your day is!

Breakdown summary of 24 Hour Gyms in Singapore

1. Anytime Fitness

Image credits: asiaone

If you travel the world, you'll almost certainly come across the Anytime Fitness logo. This gym chain now has thousands of locations throughout the world, including 80 locations that operate 24 hours a day in Singapore.

That's fantastic news if you live a nomadic lifestyle and want to make sure you always have access to a well-equipped gym. The main advantage of Anytime Fitness is its convenience in allowing you the flexibility of having access to a gym 24 hours a day.

The majority of Anytime Fitness locations in Singapore are small gyms with weight lifting, functional training, and cardio equipment. They have everything you need, including cardio machines, strength equipment, and free weights.

If you become a member, you will get access to all of their services, including personal coaching, classes, and even access to their locations throughout the world! Rates vary across branches but they provide student discounts as well as continuous promotions for new signups.

Estimated cost: $85-$100/mth

2. The Gym Pod

Image credits: Coconuts

Do you want to work out in comfort and privacy? Why don't you give The Gym Pod a try? You won't have to travel far because there are numerous Gym Pods located throughout the island! Gym Pod offers some of the top workout machines for its consumers, while other 24-hour gyms in Singapore focus on quantity and variety.

Each Gym Pod offers a varied variety of equipment to choose from when planning your workout, so check out what's available before heading down!

Some Gym Pods even offer interactive screens with tutorials and virtual sessions, allowing you to pump iron alongside fitness pros! There's also The Spin Pod, which has spinning cycles and allows you to participate in virtual spin lessons.

The operational savings automatically translate to cheaper prices for members without the significant staffing costs, renting, and general overheads.

Location: Changi Airport, Sengkang, Pasir Ris, Bukit Merah, Jurong, Clementi, Bedok, Bendemeer e.t.c (a list of all the locations can be found HERE)

Estimated cost: $16.90/mth or $4.50-$9.50/session

3. Dennis Gym

Image credits: Time Out

Dennis Gym, founded by a former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation instructor, is a 24-hour gym dedicated to providing gym-goers with the best fitness equipment and exercise experience possible.

This is THE place to go if you're looking for a late-night exercise to shape those muscles, with a focus on powerlifting equipment.

To ensure that you don't stray from your goals, the personal trainers here customize a training plan and provide nutrition advice, so don't be hesitant to ask for assistance!

People of various ages and backgrounds can benefit from the flexible membership and customized training packages.

Location: Tampines, Balestier, Tai Seng, Jurong, Farrer Park

Estimated cost: $120/mth (1-month membership), $77/mth (3-month membership), $72/mth (6-month membership), $75/mth (6-month membership+Free 3 months), $65/mth (1-year membership)

4. GymmBoxx

Image credits: GymmBoxx

Gymmboxx is one of the few 24-hour gyms in Singapore that has set up camp in most neighbourhoods, having been built from the bottom up as a gym for heartlanders. This gym is 24/7 staffed, to ensure the safety and security of its members, as opposed to other 24 hr gyms.

The price packages are divided into three categories: youth, adults, and seniors, to ensure that students and older residents can afford them.

This includes full use of the gym's equipment, which includes everything from power racks and free weights to treadmills and exercise bikes.

Location: Bishan, Canberra, Tampines, Hougang, Jurong, Choa Chu Kang, Ang Mo Kio

Estimated cost: $60-$95/mth (students), $75-$110/mth (adults), $50-$75/mth (seniors)

5. 24x Fitness

Image credits: 24x Fitness

The main attraction of 24x Fitness-a Singapore 24-hour gym founded by the fitness community for the fitness community-is their customized personal training program, which includes several personal trainers that are competitive athletes in their disciplines.

Every new member at 24x Fitness also receives a Full Body Evaluation, which includes a heart rate test, posture assessment, and even an introduction to various types of exercises, to ensure that they are comfortable with basic training movements and avoid injuries.

Location: Bugis, Paya Lebar

Estimated cost: $95/mth (12-month membership), $85/mth (18-month membership)

6. Homeground Gym

Image credits: Homeground Gym

Homeground is a 24-hour gym committed to providing a comfortable environment for each and every individual to train and attain greater fitness results as a fitness gym.

The gym promotes members and staff to communicate with one another in order to share information and create a welcome environment. They even offer personal training sessions at attractive prices.

Location: Owen Road

Estimated cost: $138/mth (1-month membership), $128/mth (3-month membership), $108/mth (6-month membership), $98/mth (12-month membership+free personal training sessions)

7. Star Elite Fitness

Image credits: Star Elite Fitness

At Star Elite Fitness, the goal is to motivate and inspire you to live a healthier, more confident lifestyle. This 24-hour gym helps you get that desired confidence you've been seeking with a wide choice of personalized wellness programs, expert trainers, and state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance training equipment.

Star Elite Fitness also tailors personal training programs for members with specific goals, such as body toning, muscle gain, weight loss, physical imbalance correction, and dietary assistance.

Location: Orchard

Estimated cost: $188/mth (1-month membership), $156/mth (3-month membership), $117/mth (6-month membership), $50/use

8. Lightweight Gym

Image credits: Lightweight gym

All-day access is excellent, but if you're still unsure how to utilize gym equipment properly, you'll need some instruction. Lightweight gym sets itself apart from other 24-hour gyms in Singapore by offering over 50 types of advanced equipment and expert trainers

There is a variety of personal trainer-led courses and even rehabilitation programs available for individuals who need recovery therapy.

Location: Jalan Besar

Estimated cost: $175/mth (1-month membership), $157/mth (3-month membership), $139/mth (6-month membership), $117/mth (1-year membership), $50/use

9. OSpace

Image credits: OSpace

OSPACE is a ground-breaking concept that promises to provide people with more choices and possibilities in today's world, with a focus on health and wellness.

There is a dynamic area for exercise aficionados that integrates a 24-hour gym, fitness, wellness, and technology in one dynamic space. Every member of our gym has access to cutting-edge technology, ensuring comfort and privacy throughout their workouts.

OSPACE is a pay-per-use gym with all the necessary gym equipment for nice exercise. Whether you want to be a fitness entrepreneur, a physiotherapist, or simply want to get a healthier and fitter physique, this gym can help you meet your goals

Location: Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Bedok, Tanglin Halt

Estimated cost: $9-$14/half an hour, $18-24/hour

10. Ark Pod

Image Credits: Ark Pod

Ark Pod is a 24-hour gym that provides top-notch amenities at an attractive price starting from just $3/hr! The gym has 4 different pods for you to choose from, Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta. Each of them provides a different selection of dumbbells, equipment, and machines to choose from, perfect for a quick workout session.

Similar to the Gym pod, it’s just you and no one else, in your private pod. Their belief is that staying fit should not be complicated. Top up, book a pod and you’re good to go in this 24-hour gym which is affordable and convenient.

Location: Bishan

Estimated cost: $3-$9/hr


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