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Daryl See, 26

Working with Techiya has given me a wide exposure to different investment opportunities and allowed me to experience various aspects of the industry – from product research to managing my own portfolio.


My biggest takeaway was learning how to mentally deal with various pressures that one might face when markets are volatile or even turbulent, such as being able to trust one’s own logic and rationale over being emotional, as well as being able to cope with possible losses that may occur over time.


This experience, however, would not have been possible without the mentors and advisers, who have been excellent guides and coaches. The team is patient and guided us through each step of how we should learn and adapt, constantly encouraged to, and was always willing to answer any of our queries and doubts. Overall, I am really grateful to the team at Techiya and their focus on helping us grow and journeying with us.



Caleb Yong, 31

I would like to thank Mr Chan and team for sharing the insights on markets and the opportunities that are available at this juncture. He provided insight that to me at that point of time was significant and I was able to make plans for my own portfolio that were impactful.


The team also provided us with valuable inputs and updates along the way. I definitely enjoyed the service provided and had a lot of takeaways from the conversations and reports. 

Person Sitting Behind Desk

Lee Rong Wen, 45

Techiya is a great choice if one wants to embark on a highly trading-focused portfolio development for retirement. By providing the necessary insights, information and education – with a strong emphasis of self-learning and exploration, it has effectively empowered and instilled into me a strong sense of ownership over my own investment journey.


The regular feedback and guidance by the team, as well as the community of like-minded individuals, has further aided in the momentum of learning.


Personally, I have gained a wealth of knowledge regarding the various instruments available and strategies in the market over a short 3 months – a feat I would not have been able to do if I tried to read and study markets on my own. A little help goes a long way and Techiya is able to provide that little push to kick-start one’s investment journey.

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Chang Woon Seng, 51

It has been a truly enriching experience with Techiya. Their approach towards investing is certainly the only one in the markets. I absolutely love the way they structure their framework and truly help investors optimise whatever available opportunities out there in the market so that every dollar is maximised.


I have also deepened my understanding in connecting macroeconomic outlook with short-term market momentum for an optimal strategic and tactic allocation of my assets.


The team is super approachable and enlightening, and fellow investors in the network are also very friendly and supportive of one another.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Techiya for the opportunity to journey together and recommend it to everyone who is keen to develop for themselves an all-rounded portfolio for sustainable growth in the future to work with Techiya.


Feline Teo, 38

Very clear presentation of their value-adding framework and how it is beneficial to me and my family. I like the way they personalise their solutions to my needs and how they are able to listen and understand the circumstances and challenges around me, and still, work out a solution that is win-win.


Their focus on sustainable investing for long term growth is very impactful to me and has helped me better allocate my funds and also make good decisions when it comes to saving and investing for the future.


Rachel Koh, 41

Enjoyed the friendly and casual approach that the team takes towards sharing their solutions and framework. Also loved the way that they are able to explain things that seem very complicated in simple terms.


This helped me achieve clarity and insight into the opportunities that are available in the market for my portfolio. Definitely also love the way that they adopt digitalisation so that the whole process is very smooth and convenient for me and my family. A big thank you and definitely a recommendation for me!



Teh Wei Xin, 27

I would highly recommend the Techiya Experience! I have learnt more about investments and about how best I can maximise every saving dollar.


The meet-ups were also truly very engaging especially when it comes to learning from the professionals Calvin and Andy.


I have also realised that when it comes to investing, it is not just about the right strategies, but also about the right frame and state of mind. Investing psychology and management of one’s own feelings during the ups and downs of markets is really key in experiencing success.


The Techiya Network and fellow investors are also very like-minded and I could bond well and learn much from the sharing and discussion of ideas with one another.

Disclaimer: The pictures used to identify our clients does not accurately reflect how they look in real life. 

This is to protect our clients' identities including but not limited to their facial features.

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Malcolm Tan, 29

I have gained a whole lot of experience through consultation and advisory. I love that the options are plenty and are flexible and I am able to plan my investments around the work and life stages, especially when I am about to complete school and begin my career.


Although it was a steep learning curve for me at the start, the continuous update and education provided pushed me to new heights of knowledge and now I am much more confident in knowing how to invest confidently and sustainably in the financial markets and know how to take advantage of product promotions and bonuses.


The insight given to me was also invaluable and I appreciate that much effort was put into ensuring the materials we received were content-rich and the advisors were all experienced investors themselves with industry knowledge. I highly recommend having a consultation with TECHIYA!


Josiah Lee, 31

My experience has been nothing short of rewarding and purposeful. With a structured plan focusing on good balance and growth, I was exposed to numerous investment strategies and directions.


It was an enjoyable process together with the rest of the network, who helped one another learn along the way.


My key takeaway from the meet ups and sessions would be understanding and analysing the various phases of investing and how to take advantage of promotions available in the market.


The constant updates I received allowed me to fine-tune my own investment knowledge, improved my fundamental analysis and helped me to learn more about the intricacies of the different portfolios. With this, I was then able to achieve consistent and sustainable returns for my portfolio.

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